Sweet Air Soapworks “Wash Your Hands” Campaign

Washing Hands With Soap & Water


By now, everyone on the planet has heard how the Coronavirus Pandemic has spread rapidly around the globe. Just yesterday, we learned that schools will be closed for 2 weeks & many events are getting cancelled or postponed.

People are also starting to panic, stripping store shelves of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, water, surgical masks, isopropyl alcohol & other necessities.

Just yesterday, my daughter stopped by and asked me if we had a medium size shipping box so that she can ship 2 bottles of isopropyl alcohol to a friend of hers. Her friend just had surgery, but can’t find isopropyl alcohol that she desperately needs in any of her local stores. The hospital gave her a few little sterile wipes to take home but she needs the alcohol for her post surgical care.

So, we grabbed one of our shipping boxes & some packing material, packed those bottles up, and my daughter shipped the alcohol to her friend. When a crisis hits, we all need to help each other as much as we can. It’s starting to get rough out there friends, so Cindy and I were talking about what we might be able to do to help.

Now, of course, we’re not doctors, we don’t make toilet paper, or surgical masks, or isopropyl alcohol, so we can’t help there. We can’t donate 6-figures to the CDC or local clinics. So, what can we do to help?

Well, let’s see… what’s the #1 thing all doctors are telling everyone to do to help prevent getting the virus?

Every single doctor we’ve heard is recommending that everyone wash their hands with soap & water, many times per day. It seems that soap kills the Coronavirus, which is VERY important, especially if you’re touching your face all day, and we all do that.

So, soap & water kills the Coronavirus. Hmmmmmm…

Well guess what friends? Sweet Air Soapworks makes soap, oh yes we do. We make lots of soap, which happens to be THE #1 product that every doctor recommends using to help prevent getting the virus.

BUT, our important difference is that we make natural soap, with oils and butters that moisturize and keep your hands soft & supple. And that is super important when you’re washing your hands constantly throughout the day.

After all, you don’t want to use soap to help prevent getting the Coronavirus, only to wind up with dry and cracked hands from washing so much. We also make hand lotion as well, to add even more softness to your hands.

In addition, some of our soaps, like Tea Tree & Lavender, contain essential oils that are known to have excellent anti-microbial and germ killing properties.

Since doctors are recommending everyone wash their hands many times per day, and since Sweet Air Soapworks does indeed make soap, Cindy & I feel that the best we can help do our part to help with this Coronavirus crisis is to get our natural soaps, hand lotions, and other natural products into as many hands as possible.

We also decided to take a different business approach to help with this serious pandemic. Although lots of businesses seem to be trying to take advantage of people during this crisis by price gouging on important items that people really need, we’re going in the opposite direction, because price gouging isn’t how we roll.

We want to make it easy for our customers to stock up, so we offering a VERY rare 30% discount on all purchases from our website. And since schools are closed for the next 2 weeks, we decided to extend this special discount for the next 2 weeks, until midnight March 31st.

All you need to do is visit our website: https://SweetAirSoapworks.com before midnight on March 31, 2020, pick your products, then when you get to the checkout page, make sure to add this promo code to save 30% off your entire order: WASHHANDS30

So although we don’t have the ability to come up with a cure for this virus, we DO have the ability to provide our customers with natural products that can help them prevent getting the virus in the first place.

Stock up now while you can and stay clean friends!

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