Sweet Air Soapworks Featured On BestReviews!

A few days ago, Mike was contacted by Annie Singer, the Head of Marketing for BestReviews.com. Although they typically focus on larger and more well known national brands, the wanted to spotlight some small & local businesses to see how they're doing during the Coronavirus pandemic. So, they asked their fans on their Facebook page for nominations of businesses to interview and feature.

One of our customers, Karen McGinniss, graciously nominated us as her favorite online business. Thanks so much Karen!!

So, Annie contacted Mike and asked if they could feature Sweet Air Soapworks on their Facebook page. Mike agreed and spent some time answering Annie's questions.

Mike had an opportunity to explain to Annie that we just happen to make the #1 product that all doctors are recommending to combat this virus, which is soap! Every doctor on the news has been recommending frequent hand washing to help prevent getting the virus. but we all know that washing your hands frequently can lead to dry & cracked hands.

Sweet Air Soapworks to the rescue!!

Our natural soaps contain oils & butters that moisturize & help keep the skin nice and smooth, so no worries about dry & cracked hands when washing with our soap. And, if you use our Hand Lotion after washing your hands, you'll be adding additional moisture for even more help in keeping your hands nice and smooth.

You can see our feature on BestReviews Facebook page, scroll down to the post on April 1. Please drop a comment, give the post a "Like" and Share!


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