Gourmet Lip Balms

 Gourmet Lip Balms

Looking to keep your lips soft & smooth? Have dry, cracked lips? If so, you’ll love our creamy smooth Gourmet Lip Balm! Unlike many lip balms that are gritty or hard to apply, our Gourmet Lip Balm slides on silky smooth & melts on contact with the lips.

We’ve been working on improving & updating our recipe over the last several years, and we now have what we consider to be the ultimate balm for lip lovers!

We start by infusing the oil from Calendula plants into Sweet Almond Oil. Calendula oil is known for its excellent ability to help repair dry, cracked skin. Sweet Almond Oil is a smooth, thin oil that absorbs quickly into the lips. We add Aloe Vera Butter, which is Aloe infused Coconut Oil, along with Avocado Oil. And we all know how great Avocado, Aloe & Coconut Oil are for the skin!

Then, we add a butter blend made up of Cupuacu & Cocoa Butters. Everyone probably has heard of Cocoa Butter & how wonderful it is for our skin. But have you heard of Cupuacu Butter? If not, Cupuacu is a hard and creamy smooth exotic butter. It draws moisture to the skin 400% better than Shea Butter. AND, it also acts as a natural SPF sunscreen blocker. Hard, creamy smooth, extra moisture & sun blocking, Cupuacu is an incredible exotic butter!

Castor Oil adds shine to the lips, along with adding a little bit of extra “plumpness”. Then, Vegetable Silk is added to make our Gourmet Lip Balms incredibly smooth and creamy.

Lastly, we add Vitamin E, Flavors, Sweetener & we may also add Lip Safe Color depending on the balm. Our unflavored lip balm includes all of the same ingredients, except for Flavor, Sweetener & Lip Safe Color.

 Give your lips some love with our Gourmet Lip Balms!


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