Sugar Scrubs


If you’ve never tried our sugar scrubs, be prepared for a truly incredible experience! Our delicious smelling scrubs are a great way to exfoliate & remove dead skin cells & dirt, leaving your skin feeling soft, silky & smooth with a luminous glow. They’re Alpha-Hydroxy rich, encourage natural circulation, do not clog pores and help to restore & moisturize the skin.

It’s also been reported that certain types of body scrubs actually improve the look of aging and dimpled skin from cellulite, especially a scrub enhanced with coffee, like our Coffee & Brown Sugar Whipped Foaming Bath Scrub.

Although we’re best known for our skin loving natural soaps, our customers have been going crazy over our sugar scrubs at every large fair & festival we’ve attended over the last several years.

Mike learned this several years ago at a large weekend indoor craft fair. Without telling him, Cindy decided to put some sugar scrub samples on the sinks in the women’s bathroom. Before he could say “smooth skin”, a crowd of women started forming at our sugar scrub & body butter table. Mike mentioned that we had some samples on the tables that the ladies could try. One of the ladies said “thanks, but we’ve already tried them in the bathroom, we’re here to buy”.

Mike had no idea that Cindy put the samples in the ladies bathroom, which was a great idea because you need to use water to rinse the scrub off your skin. All Mike knew was that a crowd of women descended on our booth looking to buy sugar scrubs. After watching Mike try to figure out where all these women had come from and having a good laugh, Cindy finally told him that she had placed some samples for the ladies to try in the women’s bathroom.

From that point on, Cindy puts our scrub samples in the women’s bathroom at every large show & festival we attend, and the sales & popularity of our sugar scrubs has gone through the roof! Give our sugar scrubs a try and enjoy your new soft & supple skin!

Experience soft, silky & smooth skin with our Sugar Scrubs!


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