Sweet Air Soapworks Customer Testimonials


Here's a few comments from some of our customers:



Greta K.

“I won some Ease My Pain Body Butter a while ago and I have to say it's amazing. I used it on my neck and shoulders and got some really good pain relief.

Last night my feet were hurting so I rubbed it on them. My heels were all cracked and rough but when I woke up this morning they were all nice and smooth and not so cracked. I will definitely be using this more. Thank you for this amazing product”.


Robyn B.

“Awesome products! The site was super easy to use and we received our order super quick and it was packaged so nicely! We will definitely be ordering again! (Our 8 year old son LOVES the sugar scrub!) Well done Mike & Cindy!”


Heather L.

“So I’ve been using this daily with my showers and my feet are so soft. They are usually really dry because I walk around barefoot all the time. If I don’t have to wear shoes I won’t. Oh and don’t even get me started on socks I hate wearing them unless I have shoes on. With being barefoot all the time your feet always look dirty when they are actually not. This I’m able to get them to look clean and super soft. With the sugar in it feels absolutely amazing to rub in. I love the smell! Super sweet smelling almost like candy so when you get out the smell lasts a long time compared to store bough body scrubs.”


Leighann H.

“I love your soaps! Last year I picked up a bar of the Calendula soap to try on my 5 year old; who suffers from eczema and rough dry patches on her legs. I've worked with her pediatrician and tried so many hypo-allergenic soaps, lotions and steroid creams (which can thin your skin over time). Nothing got rid of the rough patches and the eczema would eventually flair again. I really wasn't expecting much from the Calendula soap; but WOW. What a difference.

I don't think I have had to use a steroid on her more than once or twice in the last year; since starting her on the Calendula soap. Her legs are much smoother and do not itch like before. I bought several bars for her at the craft fair in Harrington earlier this month. I got quite a few for myself because I also enjoy your soaps! I find myself using less lotion too. Thank you for a great product! And for the explanations on the difference between true handmade soaps, pre-made and beauty bars when I have visited your booths!”


Barbara G.

“I received several bars of Sweet Air Soaps from a wonderful BSO friend for Christmas. The soaps are fabulous and I think of how thoughtful my friend Carole is every time I use them. My question is where can I purchase more?”


Helen L.

“I believe you gave my husband a bar of your soap for Christmas. He brought the soap home and I put on a tray in my bathroom. I recently decided to try it and OMG it divine. I would love to purchase more if you would let me know what scents you have available.”

Jill A.

“I was just at International Look smelling all your scrubs and I cannot make up my mind which I like best! I'll need to buy them all! Vanilla Bean and Pumpkin Rum scrubs! Oh my word!!!! They smell soooo good! I'll need to order more Coconut Mango scrub. It is luscious!”

Samantha M.

“Sweet Air Soaps makes the most AMAZING body butters, and body scrubs! I am obsessed with the Shea and Avocado body butters! They smell SO good and they make your skin incredibly silky smooth & soft!! Not to mention the huge variety of handmade soaps they offer! And not only are all of their soaps beautiful and colorful, but they smell amazing and work great too!”

Linda B.

“So glad we found you at the Apple Scrapple festival yesterday!! It's amazing that we are practically neighbors here in Baltimore!! I'm loving the whipped avocado body butter, still trying very hard not to eat it Thanks so much!!”

Megan B.

“Just picked up some soaps from you guys at the OSC craft fair! They are great! It's so nice to meet other local business owners that are turning out such quality products!”

Mariangela C.

“I purchased your soap at the Dover officer wife show in November. My husband really liked the manly man soap. I would like to buy some more. Where is your next show?”

Linda P.

“Happy New Year, we really enjoyed our visit with you and love our soaps!!”

Tony C.

“I just received my order of soap from your company today and I am in heaven. Smells so good. Can not wait to use. Gave bars to staff as well and they are all loving their soap. THANK YOU”

Jackie H.G.

“Thanks for letting me spend some time with your family. I had a ball and a lot of laughs!! Hope to see you again soon. Looking forward to my shower later!”

Joseph A.

“Anyone who's hands get "rough and dry" from working, try the Pumpkin Rum Sugar scrub. It removes all the rough dry skin from your hands, leaving them smooth to the touch. The fragrance is very very nice. So if you have "lobster hands" give it a try. They also produce other scrubs, but this is my personal favorite. A little goes a long way!”

Mary C.

“This soap is the greatest.”

JoAnne H.

“My sister and her husband enjoy making soaps for your pleasure. The Oatmeal is great for my sensitive skin!”