Castile Natural Soap - Unscented

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Looking for a mild soap? Castile is the mildest soap we can make!


Castile is an olive oil based soap made in a style similar to that originating in the Castile region of Spain. In order for a soap to be a true Castile, it must be purely made 100% with Olive Oil, nothing else.

Many soap makers claim to make a Castile soap, but if there are ANY other ingredients in the soap, other than 100% pure Olive Oil, then it’s not a true Castile soap.

Our Castile is a TRUE Castile, 100% natural and only made with pure Olive Oil. It’s not only super moisturizing, but it’s also the mildest soap we can make.

This one is great for those with skin allergies, pregnant & new moms, infants, children, elderly, or those just looking for the mildest soap they can get. Since it’s so mild, Castile is also great as a facial soap!

Note: since we make our Castile with 100% pure Olive Oil, it doesn’t contain other natural ingredients that create the creamy lather in many of our other soaps. You’ll get less lather with Castile, but it’s worth it if your skin needs a very mild soap.

Also, if you’re a Castile lover, we suggest that you stock up when we have these available, as they require extended cure times. Due to the soap being made from 100% pure Olive Oil, it’s initially a very soft soap. It’s so soft when freshly made that it takes several days to a week before we can even remove Castile from our molds. After removing & cutting the bars, Castile requires a minimum of 8 weeks to fully harden and cure. But the wait is worth it!

If you’ve been looking for the mildest soap possible, this is the one!

Castile Ingredients: Saponified Olive Oil

Phthalate Free