Saltwater Fisherman Soap

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How many more fish would you catch, if you were “invisible” to the fish?


Saltwater Fisherman is a seasonal specialty soap that Mike designed & personally makes for all fishermen, but especially those who fish in salt water.

Typical “soap” available in stores won’t lather in saltwater, but our Saltwater Fisherman soap will, as it’s made from 100% coconut oil.

This specialty soap has multiple benefits that make it a "must have" for those who like to drop hook & line:

  • Typical soap will not lather in saltwater but Saltwater Fisherman will, as it's made entirely from Coconut Oil which lathers in saltwater. Coconut Oil is also great for the skin.
  • We use brewed coffee to make the soap. Coffee is an odor neutralizer so this helps to keep your hands from smelling like fish stank!
  • Coffee grounds are added to act as an exfoliant, helping to remove fish guts, grime, gook & dirt from the hands.
  • We use Anise Essential Oil in this soap, long used by fishermen to mask the human scent. Wash your hands with this soap before touching your hook, bait, line, gear, etc., and you'll be nearly "invisible" to the fish.
  • It's been reported that fish also appear to be attracted by the scent of Anise. Maybe they like the sweet smell of licorice!

Scent: Strong & powerful top note with a spicy, warm, licorice-like scent.

Catch more fish & have clean hands. Keep a bar of Saltwater Fisherman in your tackle box!

Saltwater Fisherman Ingredients: Brewed Coffee Saponified Coconut Oil, Essential Oil, Coffee Grounds